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2019 Pinot Noir
Russian River Valley

The Russian River Pinot has always been a fun wine to craft as winemakers. We use only the bits and pieces left over from our single vineyards, and craft what we believe to be THE classic Russian River Valley Pinot Noir. The sum is sometimes better than individual pieces, but at the cost of a broad regional blend. Soft and seamless layers of bright red fruit and rose petals, wrapped with a silky brown spice ribbon that wafts in and out playfully against the ebb and flow of red to black fruit on the palate. This is always one that we drink too fast, but the one that shines after a few years of being cared for. Each of the single vineyards acts as a structural element, giving this wine an incredibly long life


The 2019 Pinot blend is made up of our soul patch vineyard, Sexton valley vineyard, brady vineyard, and Dutton ranch. We use only the bits and pieces left over from our single vineyards and no lesser quality fruit! This is super cool because there is one vineyard from each neighborhood in Russian River valley which brings layers of complexity that keeps the flavors balanced but diverse. In some cases the Russian River valley can create a blend that rivals the single vineyards.


In the Winery:
At Davis Family Vineyards we strive to highlight the unique characteristics that make fruit from each vineyard, from each varied mico-climate, so very special and unique. All of our Pinot Noir is aged in French oak for 10 months. 1/3 of the barrels are new, 1/3 are one year old, and 1/3 are 2 year old. In doing so, we are able to benefit from the finesse and structure of barrel aging, while not overwhelming the varietal characteristics of Pinot Noir.

Guy tastes through and then hand selects his favorite barrels for the single vineyard bottling of the Soul Patch Pinot Noir. The remaining barrels are then used in our Russian River Valley blend.

The fermentation was conducted using native yeast in small, temperature controlled, open top fermentors. Gentle punch downs were done over a 3-4 week fermentation, after a 5-7 day cold soak. The Pinot is then pressed and transferred directly into barrel, using gravity flow.